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Fresh from the Ovens of Wonderland…

Here it is!
The first role-playing game that is narrative, non-violent and non-pornographic. It is “tout nouveau, tout beau” and for sale… for barely 5 bucks!
Go download the first episode of the Fall series called “Avalanche” !
www.wintervoices.com/commande-en (and… soon available on Stream)

Tell your friends so they can tell their friends, so we can all support this French start-up that is trying to make a difference in the world of video-game.

Check out our trailer for Winter Voices!

Beyond The Pillars is an awesome indie video game production in Paris, France.

Artsy and narrative, their games are not your usual violent stuff, but rather combine gorgeous illustrations and narrative poetry with a hint of Nordic mythology (ever heard of the Vol├╝spa ? Now you have!). Check out “Winter Voices” the first Role Playing Game Series they are releasing, in 7 episodes this fall. (in English and French)

[Creative director: Caroline Aragon - Animation: Declan Zimmerman]

Off to Vermont. See you in August!

Summer, Vermont, movie making… What’s not to like for a working vacation?
We teach too: School of Cinema And Performing Arts is where it’s at.
In New York, L.A., Burlington… and more.

On the road with Taj Weekes and Adowa

Our documentary “The Bitter With The Sweet”, produced in partnership with his charity TOCO, is in post-production for a release in November 2010.
This summer we continue to follow Taj Weekes on the road for his new album tour, and August 7th he will be at Joe’s Pub in NYC.


[Photo: Monica Hoenig]

Kids, Asthma, NBA…

Our special guest this weekend was NBA player Tyson Chandler. Director and Star were working on our new commercial set for an Asthma awareness project.
Asthma photo Tom LeGoff 2010 -937
Asthma photo Tom LeGoff 2010 -694

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