We are Europeans, Americans, New Yorkers. More importantly we are Storytellers. You have a script; let's talk. Or rather, “your people” can call “our people”.

Co-Productions and/or Production Services:
Project development and consulting
Budgeting and scheduling
State of the art equipment
Local contacts in foreign countries
Knowledge of locations
Permits and insurance
Accommodation and transportation
Casting, crew, extras
Post-production facilities

Made In Film-Land was delighted to be the production company chosen by director Herendi Gabor and SkyFilm Studios when they came to New York to shoot Valami Amerika 2 (A Kind Of America 2). With picture-taxis rushing through Times Square, made-up strip clubs in Redhook, fist fights on Broadway and a hot, red convertible full of dollar bills flying on the Manhattan Bridge.... we had an exciting shoot, a fantastic Hungarian-American collaboration & lots of fun! The film opened last December in Hungary and became an instant blockbuster success and received the Best Genre Film Prize at the 40th Hungarian Film Week in February 2009.

On The Production Slate

Gods & People A Woman's crushing love story; a Son’s adventures in rock’n roll and politics; the Road-Quest they embark on to reunite with the missing Father of their Holy Trinity. This is a three-genre trilogy into one film, a modern family epic, and one answer to the old question: who would be Mary and Jesus today? Caroline Aragon Caroline Aragon Feature Film in Development. t.b.a.

Domesticating Julia Julia, an 18 year old Hungarian teenager realizes that she is being kept against her will as a housekeeper in an upscale Upper East Side home. Once she realizes that the family does not intend to pay her, or to give her passport back she plots to get out of the house by any means necessary.
Monica Hoenig-Török Monica Hoenig-Török Short Film - Fundraising stage.
Curfew An American family like many others. A gun. A radio-show. Disturbing times. A young teenager goes on a mission to bring security to his home, for violence is quite a common thing these days after all. Teeange angst and weapons viewed with cynicism and empathy. Caroline Aragon Caroline Aragon Short Film - in Development. t.b.a.