Filmland's Clients

If our fiction work is international at heart, so is our client network. Public Relation firms, as well as Ad agencies have been our collaborators from the start and we have developped many commercials or internal films for their clients. Brands have also been contacting us directly to bring creative films to their marketing strategy, HR outreach, research & development, product launch, viral campains... etc.
We wear many hats and tailor our involvements to your industry and your needs; creativity is never optional.

sample of our commercial WORK

Non-exhaustive list of client services we have provided in the past:
Concept creation/ Script development/ Creative direction/ Project management/ Crew hiring no matter which part of the world/ Filming/ Editing / Motion graphics / Green screen/ Webdesign/ Music and stock footage research/ Production and Post-production/ DVD authoring/ Deliverables.

2D or 3D Animation

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Talking Heads?

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Documentaries or B-Roll?

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