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At Made In Film-Land, we make good films.
We are creatives who know their industry. We love what we do.
We produce motion picture and commercial films, including viral videos, TV shows and branding films. We are a full service, independent film production company based in New York City, with ties to many countries. We will write, shoot, animate, edit, produce and deliver to you fresh, high quality, custom tailored work. We are always on time and on budget. That's true for every client in any time zone, be it a feature film in London, an animated piece in Paris or a viral video in Chicago.

Creatives on wheels

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Two founders; dozens of exceptional collaborators. We are the driving force behind the wheels of Film-Land.
Beep! Beep! Weeeeee!


Are you a foreign production shooting a film in the USA or looking into a co-production partnership abroad? Do you want to produce a commercial, feature film, branding film, music video or TV program?

We're Europeans, Americans, New Yorkers. Whether you're shooting in NYC, Paris, Toronto, LA or Cincinnati, we will provide full service: handpicked personnel, locations, rental houses and everything else you need. All of this within your deadlines, and at reasonable prices.